luni, 14 aprilie 2014

I don't need a man to be a woman!

I don't need a man to be a woman! I am a woman, and i will always be!
Sometimes i wonder why women's try desperatly to keep a guy next to them. Being single can be good also.
Until the right one comes!
It always dose.
I do not need a man to be happy! I do not need a guy for money, not even for the physic part. Even for that is a solution, that doesn't even speak :)
I need someone i can talk to. Someone that shares the same passions, or different passions. A person that wonders about everything and anything. Someone who is not afraid to ask questions, or to stand up for something he believes in!
Someone that reads more than magazines and the sport page from the newspaper.
Someone that puts a smile on my face even when he is not around!

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